New York City Digital Panoramic Photographs

Stephen Johnson is making 370 degree digital photographs with a specially modifed BetterLight/Dicomed Digital Camera (modified by camera inventor Michael Collette) on a rotating rig designed by BetterLight.

Central Park, New York City. March 1997.

Upper West Side, New York City. January 1998.

Third Avenue at 26th, New York City. November 1997.

Click on the following images for a Quicktime VR file.

New York City Skyline
from Liberty Island State Park, NJ
October 29, 1998
90 degrees, 210mm Schnieder, f16, 1/40

New York City Skyline
57 stories above Times Square
October 29, 1998
220 degrees, 90mm Schnieder, f16, 1/40

Photographs Copyright © 2001 by Stephen Johnson. All Rights Reserved worldwide.

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