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At Mono Lake

Comments and Reviews

This collection is a rare gathering of artists in which I am proud to participate. It is also a unique and significant way for these photographers to express their concern for this most important national resource. Much like my work for King's Canyon National Park and the exhibit This Is The American Earth, this show makes a strong plea for care to be exercised with this ancient lake so near its destruction.

Ansel Adams
Carmel, 1983

Without water, there would be no Mono Lake. The same is true of Los Angeles, or any community of living things Can there be enough sharing to let both community and lake live?

A community can speak for itself. A lake cannot, but photographers can speak for it. Herein many of them attest to the splendor of Mono Lake and its setting, the eastern climax of one of the most magnificent gestures of the earth. It is a place to be spared for people who will prefer what they find to what they bring, and deserves stewards who will keep the Mono Lake country alive down through the ages.

David R Brower
Founder, Friends of the Earth
Berkeley, 1983

San Francisco Chronicle Review, January 1984.

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