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This is a document from 1979. It is included here for historical reference.

At Mono Lake

August 1979
An invitation to participate in a major photographic exhibit

In order to communicate the visual beauty, uniqueness and importance of Mono Lake, we are assembling a traveling show of fine photographic prints. This fine arts exhibit will help the general public, governmental agencies and legislators realize the artistic, scenic and scientific value of this rapidly disappearing resource.

A number of major American photographers are generously donating their work to make this show possible. We are also involving many less known photographers in this exhibit as well as those just beginning their careers.

"At Mono Lake" is a unique gathering of images by some of the world's most talented photographers. Many of these artists have helped to create our rich heritage of fine photography. It is a rare occurrence to have artists of the stature of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Don Worth and Philip Hyde in a single show. This major exhibition will itself make photographic history by bringing together these great photographers and by making clear the unique and important role the artist can play in the understanding and preservation of our wilderness areas. This show includes interpretive images ranging from the spectacular "Sierra Wave" cloud banks found so often over the lake to abstract impressions like Brett Weston's delicate ice formations and Edmund Teske's photomontage series. The variety of photographic images that have been made at the lake are a tribute to the beauty of its unusual and serene landscape.

In addition to interpretive images, the exhibit is supplemented by documentary photographs presented largely by automated displays using slides, films and tapes to describe the natural and cultural history of the Mono basin. One such display examines artists at work near the lake. We have gathered material representing various sources and perspectives including prints from NASA, USAF, USGS aerial imagery, underwater and microscopic images and photographs from public and private historical collections.

A catalog and poster of the show will be published and sold to raise funds for continued circulation of the exhibit and other visual projects connected with the lake. This non-profit exhibition will tour art galleries, museums and colleges throughout the state and nation.

This exhibition is not a discussion of water rights or any other of the legal questions involved in the continuing destruction of Mono Lake. It is a visual statement about a splendid ancient place by some of those who love it deeply. "At Mono Lake" portrays an area that has been a source of inspiration and solace for many who have visited and worked there over the years. We believe there is great value in telling Mono Lake's story with the clarity and beauty which this photographic exhibition will embody.




mono storm

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