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  • March 1980
    Crocker Art Museum
    Sacramento California

  • June-September 1980
    Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
    Los Angeles, California

  • October-November 1980
    San Diego Museum of Natural History
    Balboa Park, San Diego, California

  • March-April 1981
    Hartnel College Gallery
    Salinas, California

  • June-July 1981
    Arts Chateau
    Butte, Montana

  • August 1981
    Paris Square
    Great Falls, Montana

  • September-October 1981
    Hockaday Center for the Arts
    Kalispel, Montana

  • November-December 1981
    Arapaho College Art Gallery
    Littleton, Colorado

  • January-February 1982
    McAllen International Museum
    McAllen, Texas

  • March-April 1982
    Hearst Art Gallery, St. Mary's College
    Moraga, California

  • July-August 1982
    Museum of Arts and Sciences
    Macon, Georgia

  • September-October 1982
    Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery
    Cedar City. Utah

  • November 1982
    Humbolt Cultural Center
    Eureka, California

  • February-March 1983
    Victoria Regional Museum
    Victoria, Texas

  • June-October 1983
    California Academy of Sciences
    Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

  • January-March 1988
    Fresno Metropolitan Museum
    Fresno, California

  • January-February 1992
    Fullerton Museum Center
    Fullerton, California

  • June 1992 to present
    USFS Mono Lake Visitor's Center
    Lee Vining California

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