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April 12-May 17, 1996

Opening Day Events
Friday, April 12

Slide Show and Lecture by the Artist
5:30-6:30 pm

Reception Following
6:30-8:00 pm

Center for Photographic Art

Sunset Center. San Carlos & Ninth Street
Carmel, California

Throughout his career, Stephen Johnson has sought to explore landscape and its magical interplay of light, color and form. From his early work in the Sierra Nevada and at Mono Lake, to his extensive work in California's Great Central Valley, Stephen has maintained a consistent palette and vision. Pastel color, an emotional response to the natural wonders of the planet, and a concern for endangered lands are themes that run throughout his work.

In recent years, Stephen has concentrated on digital photography, finding great satisfaction in the immediacy, high resolution and color fidelity offered by his digital camera. Stephen's latest project, With a New Eye, is an all-digital look at our national parks, and a few of these exquisite images are included in this exhibition of his photographs.

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Title Image Size Price

    1. Aerial Dunes, Death Valley 16x20 $600

    2. Aerial Salt Flats, Death Valley (color) 12x18 $500

    3. Aerial, Salt Flats, Death Valley 16x20 $600

    4. Anasazi White House 16x20 $600

    5. Ant Body Joint 8x10 $300

    6. Ash Cliff and River. Katmai 24x20v $1,000

    7. Asparagus Planters near Tracy 11x14 $400

    8. Aspen and Grass, Yosemite 8x10v $300

    9. Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite 27x34 $1,500

    10. Crater, Spirit Lake, Mt. St. Helens 20x24 $1,000

    11. Denali 16x20 $600

    12. Dusk Mono Lake 16x20 $600

    13. Feathers (digital composite) 19x19 $1000

    14. Fern (IR & visible) 27x34 $1,500

    15. Foresta Burn, Yosemite 30x40 $1,500

    16. Fungus, Yosemite 8X10v $300

    17. Grazing Cattle, Merced County 20x24 $1,000

    18. Half Dome and Yosemite Valley 30x40 $1500

    19. Hills, John Day 16x20 $600

    20. Hoh Rainforest, Infrared. Olympic 20x24 $1,000

    21. Ice Fall, Bear Lake 11x14 $400

    22. Ice Wall and Bluff, Exit Glacier. Kenai 30x40 $1,500

    23. Kelp, Pt. Lobos 20x24v $1,000

    24. Kettleman Plain 16x20 $600

    25. Mammoth Trees, Yellowstone 16x20 $600

    26. Mud Flower, Death Valley 11x14v $400

    27. Paoha Grasses, Mono Lake 11x14 $400

    28. Red Hills, Lacey Pt., Petrified Forest 20x24 $1,000

    29. Reflections, Death Valley 16x20 $600

    30. Stanislaus River, Caswell State Park 11x14 $400

    31. Stone Dam, IR, Blue Ridge Parkway 27x34 $1,000

    32. Storm, South Shore Mono Lake 16x20 $600

    33. Summer Corn, Tyler Island 16x20 $600

    34. Trees and Cliffs at Dawn, Arches 20x24 $1,000

    35. Trees, Montara 30x40 $1,500

    36. Two Trees, Yosemite Winter 20x16v $600

    37. Wall, Pueblo Bonito, Chaco 27x34 $1,500

    38. White Dune, Death Valley 11x14 $400

    39. Wind Generators, Altamont Pass 16x20 $600

    40. Yosemite Falls IR 8x10v $300

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