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Without intending to, I became a collector of historical and friends photographs. As income is mostly a struggle in the arts, there is no budget for this collecting instinct, there is simply a growing number of interesting objects that accumulate over time.

As we look toward building out a digital imaging museum collection, most of these objects will be of great use. For now, they are part of what visitors to my studio and students can experience first hand.

The few images and items here represent only what I've had time to post. A complete index will eventually be generated.



Van Morrison portrait from Moondance album cover

Pigment Inkjet Print
9.5x14 inches
Photographer: Elliott Landy
Circa: 1970
Added to Collection: 2009

Stereo Autochrome
Photographer: Unknown
Circa: 1900-1925
Added to Collection: 2009

Stereo Card Collection
Photographer: Various
Circa: 1900-1925
Added to Collection: 2009
Locations and Subjects:

  • Yosemite
  • Yellowstone
  • Niagra Falls
  • Portraits
  • Hand Colored Stereocards
  • Hand Colored Halftoned Stereocards
Photographer: L. F. Murdock, Seattle, WA
Circa: 1933
Added to Collection: 2001

Glass Plate Negatives
Photographer: Frank Day Robinson

Circa: 1915-1925
Added to Collection: 1996
Collection: approx. 600 5x7 to 11x14 glass plates


Ruth Schwaubeck
Photographic Postcard

Photographer: unknown
Circa: 1914
Added to Collection: 1983
10.5 x 3.5 inches

Niepce 1820 Camera Obscura Replica
Circa: 2005
Added to Collection: 2005
Better Light Proto 2 Scanning Back
Circa: 1994
Added to Collection on retirement from use: 1996
Kodak DCS 460c (bayer pattern CCD camera)
Circa: 1995
Added to Collection or reirement from regular use: 1999
Minolta RD-175 (3 chip camera)
Circa: 1996
Added to Collection: 1998
Kodak DCS 620x (High Speed CMY)
Circa: 1998
Added to Collection: 2004

Iris Realist Drum Printer
Circa: 1995
Added to Collection on retirement from regular use: 2001


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