Iceland Wonderland
A Digital Photography Field Adventure Workshop

One of the Earth's Natural Wonderlands

late summer 2013
10 days. $5450+-

iceland aerial

Free 10x14 Print of this Iceland Aerial with workshop enrollment!

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2009 Photo Galleries

I am enthralled with Iceland. It is one of the most beautiful places I've been and I feel a deep pull to continue to explore and share this place. This is a new trip customized for my photographic interests and curiosities, dedicated to a wonderful and deep photographic experience.


Testimonial from the 2009 Iceland Trip...

this was an awesome workshop and I really think I achieved what I wanted to, to take my photography to the next level by being more consciously aware of the design of my pictures.  I still have a lot of work to do, but thank you so much for finally opening my eyes to that.  

Evan Anderman

Ethan and I had a fantastic trip with you in Iceland. We both learned so much and especially liked the critiques. The landscape was inspiring and the other members on the trip were great. Good chemistry! I especially remember photographing the icebergs going out to sea and after we gathered back at the truck, you asked us if we had seen the sculpted chunks of ice on the dark sandy beach. You were always pushing us to see the abstract composition in the landscapes as well as how to simplify the pictures.

You are not only a very gifted photographer, but a great teacher. This comes from my experience teaching at the college level for over 20 years and writing many peer evaluations. Your criticism is always constructive and sensitive to the developmental levels of the students you address. It was humbling for me to be in a critique, opposed to running one. It gives me fresh insight into what my students experience in my studio classes.

Peter Roos





The Island Nation

Iceland is a Nordic and European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Iceland also refers to the main island of the country, which contains almost all the population and almost all the land area. The country has a population of about 320,000 and a total area of 39,769 sq mi. The capital and the largest city is Reykjavík with the surrounding areas in the southwestern region of the country being home to two-thirds of the country's population.

Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior mainly consists of a plateau characterized by sand fields, mountains and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate climate despite a high latitude just outside the Arctic Circle.

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Fire and Ice

The Trip
Come spend 10 days with us exploring the firey landscapes and icy coverings. In Iceland, the wondrous and raw volcanic landscape, geothermal features and sheer remoteness are the settings for this experience. Water and sea, weather and mountains, reflection and growth. Come spend 10 days with us on this magnificent and raw island country. The trip is designed to be a complete immersion in landscape photography and its digital evolution with the pioneer in digital landscape photography.

The Workshop
This digital landscape workshop explores Iceland with the new tools of digital photography, including on-site visualization, and technical evaluation. Lectures will include digital exposure, composition, visual distillation, archiving, color management and fine-art printing. We will discuss technical and aesthetic issues, tapping into your emotional response to this landscape, working toward images that are uniquely your own. The emphasis will be improving the composition and technical finesse of the participants, empowering the individual photographers to better pursue their vision, from image-making to print-making. Group critique sessions will be held most every evening, using a digital projector to display selections of the day’s work.

Classroom Along the Way
We will work in the field and on our laptops. We will interact with what has been done. We will look, ask much of our work and press on the make it as strong and sensitive as possible. We’ll employ meeting rooms along the way to hold group working and help sessions, lectures and critiques.


The Workshop Program
Individual problem solving has been a high priority in this workshop program all through its 30 year history. Classes are kept small to maximize individual attention. Plan to bring some of your work to demonstrate how you see, what you are happy with, and photographs that indicate problems you are encountering. Limited to 12 students.

Lodging and transportation in Iceland is provided. Details will be sent on enrollment. Class sessions will be mostly during the evenings. A full agenda is planned for this workshop, including dawn and dusk sessions. We will be doing a fair amount of walking near our tour car.


Newsletter Essay from 2009 Trip




Tour Contractor Link

To Register
An $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the class. Registration fee must be paid in full to finalize a spot in the class. Additional information will be sent upon registration. All fees will be refunded, including deposit, if we do not make minimum class registration requirements.

Call 650 355-7507
or email

Included in the Workshop

Photographic instruction with Stephen Johnson
Private bus
Accommodation 9 nights / 11 nights
Boxed Lunch
Meeting facilities in the Evening

Fees and Cancellations

The minimum number of people to run the class is 10 persons

Full Fee is $5450 for instruction, shared lodging, meals and ground transportation as described above. Single supplement USD $515.
The workshop fee must be paid in full no later than May 15, 2012.

Cancellation Policy will be supplied before enrollment. Itinerary can be supplied by request.


Stephen Johnson

A photographer, teacher and designer, Stephen has been teaching and working in photography since 1977. His books include At Mono Lake, the critically acclaimed The Great Central Valley: California's Heartland and Making a Digital Book. He has run his own photography, publishing and design company since the late 1980s--digitaly scanning and designing his photographic books using Macintosh computers and since 1994 photographing in the field with digital view cameras.

Current projects include With a New Eye, his groundbreaking and historic all digital national parks project, the acclaimed 2006 book Stephen Johnson On Digital Photography, new work Exquisite Earth and ongoing portfolio development and extensive lecturing.

Stephen's pioneering work in digital photography has included software and product development for clients such as Apple, Adobe, Epson, Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Leaf, Ricoh and SuperMac. His work with Adobe includes the creation of the duotone curves shipped with their Photoshop software.

His photographic clients have included the Ansel Adams Publishing Trust, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and the Friends of Photography. Johnson's photographs have been widely published and collected internationally.

In 1999, Folio Magazine declared the publication of Johnson's digital photographs in Life Magazine to be one of the Top 15 Critical Events in magazine publishing in the twentieth century. Stephen Johnson was named as a 2003 inductee into the Photoshop Hall of Fame, recognized for his achievements in Art. Canon named Steve as one of their Explorers of Light in 2006. In 2007 X-rite named Stephen as a founding member of their exclusive Coloratti group of photographers and educators honored for their skills in color management.

In 1997, Life Magazine described Stephen Johnson as an artist that "...applies science to nature and creates art." His images create " intimacy that brings subject and viewer close in ways conventional photographs cannot." 

The Photographer’s Gallery wrote in 1998: “Stephen Johnson's photography rides on the "bleeding edge" of photography's transition to a digital media. Schooled in the traditions of fine-art western landscape photography, Johnson has taken his understanding of traditional photographic processes and brought those skills to bear on the emerging technologies and aesthetics of digital photography. He has pushed technology companies to rise to the best of what imagemaking can be, and pushed his own vision of how we see and record light in the natural world. This has led him to conclude that the way we have traditionally captured images with silver-based photography has been a poor and distortive view of the real and rich world before our eyes. His photographs look almost "unphotographic" in their clarity and purity of color. He shows us a world we know, but rarely see on paper. His is a truly remarkable vision.”

Tour Contractor Tim Vollmer:

Tim is an exceptional nature and landscape photographer from Iceland. His images have been published around the world in such magazines as the National Geographic website, Icelandic times, Icelands official tourism guide, PhotoZoom, Defotograff and Land og Saga, just to name a few.

Tim also runs workshops and photo tours around the world. His photography tours are designed for passionate photographers with the main emphasis on small groups. He believes that this allows him to optimize the program according to weather and light conditions. Each itinerary is designed to give time for individual exploration and everyone is given the personal attention to talk one on one with his respected instructors in order to ask questions in field for compositional and other technical tips.

Tim is 40 and lives in Hveragerði, Iceland with his wife and his children.

For more information on Tims’s photography, and his Workshops in iceland and Greenland; please visit his website.

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