The Great Central Valley Project is an exhibit and book using landscape photography to examine this dramatically human-altered agricultural heartland of California. Photographers Stephen Johnson, Robert Dawson and author Gerald Haslam assembled this work as a project of the California Academy of Sciences. The exhibit-format book was published by University of California Press in 1993.

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The Project Book:
The Great Central Valley: California's Heartland


Special Limited-Edition Book in Walnut Case with Original Prints

This extraordinary book is exquisitely bound in a natural linen and contained in a finely crafted walnut and linen case. The title is embossed in a delicate green on both the outside case, spine and cover. The endpapers are natural mulberry fiber in a speckled soft green, coordinating beautifully with the embossed title.

Making a Digital Book
Art, Design, Computers and the Production of "The Great Central Valley: California's Heartland"


The Great Central Valley Project Exhibit

Exhibit Tour

    • Intinerary
    • Current Venue: University of Califormia Merced Main Library
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Symposium: The Great Central Valley: Heartland in Transition
California Academy of Sciences. San Francisco. October 11, 1986
Organized by Michael Black.

Other Central Valley Resources

A Land Between Two Rivers
a film by Michael Dennis and Kevin White. 52minutes.

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