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Stephen Johnson "Language of Photography" Interview



This 8 part series stresses the importance of visual literacy while ranging over the history and mechanics of photography as well as some of the major concerns facing photographers and consumers today.

Promo for Episode 3

Full Interview

The full unedited interview at KCSM Public television for their "Language of Photography" Series with photographer Stephen Johnson in 2001.

Full Series may be borrowed or purchased. Library link.

I just watched the whole Lnguage of Photography interview. I think it is a really interesting discussion and covers a wide range of topics that I think photographers would find very valuable.

The discussion about the early days of digital photography, its advantages over film, early digital cameras and photo editing software, and what an exciting time it was to be entering a new age in photography, are fascinating from a historical perspective. You also talked about how photography is continuing to evolve and more things will be possible as the technology advances and a lot of what you said has happened since that interview.

Most of the topics are still very relevant today - like truth in photography and the ethics of image manipulation, the slippery slope of distorting reality by cloning things in or out, enhancing reality with over saturation, etc.

I liked the discussion about composition and light being the only subject matter, using light in the design and not just making "golden hour" images.

It was interesting to hear you talk about your own personal style of photography, how you got into it as a career, which photographers influenced you and about the Digital National Parks project.

-Eleanor Normille



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