The Stephen Johnson Photography Lecture Series

Photograph by Ken Milburn.

Stephen Johnson Lectures on his Seminal book
Stephen Johnson On Digital Photography

School of Visual Arts, New York City
Tuesday December 4th. at 7pm
SVA Amphitheater
School of Visual Arts
209 East 23rd Street, Third Floor
New York, NY 10010

Stephen Johnson On Digital Photography
based on the new book published by O'Reilly Media

This talk is sponsored by Canon's Explorer of Light Program.

This lecture explores the state of digital photography today, from being a photographer in the 21st century, to cutting edge cameras and software techniques, to engaging discourse on the history and future of digital photography. Johnson is recognized worldwide as a digital photography pioneer and has helped shape the technology that is being developed for today's (and tomorrow's) digital photographers. He provides a visually reinforced introduction to the core technology of digital photography and its implications. He has developed and spurred-on cutting-edge techniques for producing and reproducing images of the highest quality. This lecture firmly based in his core belief that photography is fundamentally a light capture medium, rather than a pixel manipulation party.

Using his new book with O'Reilly Media as his organizational structure for the talk, topics will include: making art, empowerment, ethics in the digital age, and some aspects of the digital darkroom. His lectures include very high quality digital image examples with which he can hone in on uniquely digital techniques and fundamental breakthroughs in photography that digital improvements have provided but which many have yet to realize. This talk includes a fascinating history of electronic imaging and details the transformation of the darkroom to the computer, taking us all way up to the future trends in digital photography.

Book and posters will be available. Free and open to the public.

Colleen Wheeler's Review from 2006 talk

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