Lecture Series

A series of public lectures on various topics by digital photography pioneer Stephen Johnson.

Stephen Johnson Gallery, Pacifica, California.

Digital Panoramic Photography
September 4, 2002.
7- 8:30pm

Panoramic photography has long been of interest in documenting cities and landscapes. They have the unique ability of bringing the viewer to a better understanding of the whole scene. With the advent of digital panoramic photography, whole new vistas opened up to let viewers experience the surround of a space interactively.

In 1995 when I began to use a hand crafted panoramic adapter for my BetterLight Scanning camera, another dimension opened up, panoramics with such resolution and clarity that they became the most immersive photographic experience I had ever encountered. So I coined the term "immersive" for the big surround prints. This talk explores the evolution of my digital panoramic work.

This illustrated talk is part of a monthly series of lectures at his Pacifica California Studio.

Admission: $5. Admission price can be applied to any purchase during the evening.

RSVP is required as seating is limited to 20 guests. 650 355-7507 or email michelle@sjphoto.com

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