Life Form Exhibition. Pacifica Center for the Arts. Pacifica, CA. July 2018

Stephen Johnson Photography at the Pacifica Center for the Arts

Exhibition Sponsored by Canon.
Paper by Hahnemühle

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This exhibition is the first installment of Stephen Johnson new Life Form work made during the last few years.The exhibition openeed to the public at Stephen Johnson Photography Gallery at the Pacifica Center for the Arts in Pacifica, CA on July 21, 2018.

My fascination with sensual organic form knows no limits. The natural beauty that drew me to photography is most profoundly manifested by the very sensuality of natural form itself. It's beauty is deeply emotional, bound up in the basic instinct and desires of our humanness. Finding such form in the real world has been my career. This work concentrates that intrigue on the wonderful and strange form found in plant life. Closely examined, these seemingly familiar, fellow creatures of this planet, become profoundly compellingly, strange, almost alien and and irresistible to explore with care, deep focus, sensitively and without embellishment.


Life Form Announcement pdf


Life Form Limited Edition Portfolio

Life Form Online Gallery.
The Press can email for publicity photos. Press Release July 6, 2018

Genesis of this Work

The Life Form Series has grown from my lifelong fascination with organic form and design. Not only have I found solace in the natural world for all of my adult life, but my respect for all living things has profoundly effected how I’ve lived my life.




Cameras and Lenses by Canon.



magazine magazine

Pacifica Magazine. August 2018. Photograph by Kyle Ludowitz.
Pacifica Tribune Article.


Opening Lecture. Pacifica. July 21, 2018.

January 2017 Thoughts on the Life Form Work.

Beginnings Project Lecture at Maine Media Workshops: June 2013
Video Assembly and Editing by Erick Leskinen.

Short collection of videos and stills from the PhotoPlus 2017 Gallery of Stephen Johnson's new "Life Form" work presented by Canon.


Exhibition Guide and Poster


Prints are being made on the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 using the Hahnemühle Museum Etching paper which Steve designed with Hahnemühle.

Gallery Directions

Stephen Johnson Photography at the Pacifica Center for the Arts
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Early work partially sponsored by Canon


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