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milky way


New Photograph: Posted  October 10, 2014

Milky Way from Mexican Hat. 2014.
Canon 5D Mark III

11 x11 Pigment Inkjet Print on Cotton paper
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It was so nice to be away from city light and in the clear desert air.


Under the desert night
the Milky Way stretches vertical
towards the zenith

Dusty, cloudy
ghosts amid the pinpoints
of countless stars

Seeming separate
of a different order

The facts I have in my head
Tell me they're the same
My eyes tell me different

The light clouds of the Milky Way
Cannot possibly be the same as stars
only further away
and infinitely more distant
Our eyes tell that truth

Collectively, our human reason
tells us different
They are the same, different only
by distance and numbers

Billions of suns, of stars
in this dark sky
In the desert night

stars and
clouds of stars

Stephen Johnson
September 15, 2014


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