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Photographs of the book being printed in Italy June 19-23, 2006

Special Thanks to Adobe and X-Rite for assisting the publication of this book.


four panos poster

Four Panoramics poster by Stephen Johnson
promoting the book

Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography


Perspectives & Techniques from a Digital Photography Pioneer
Exploring the Intersection of Art & Technology

“Steve is arguably the first digital photographer--I vividly remember the day
in January 1994 when he told me that he’d shot his last piece of film.
In this sorely-needed book, Steve argues eloquently and passionately that
digital photography is photography first, digital second, and places it in the
wider context of photography’s history and evolution.”

-Bruce Fraser
author of Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS,
Real World Color Management, Real World Adobe Photoshop CS

320 pages
5 color throughout, including beautiful duotones
715 illustrations reproduced with a 200 line screen
8.5x10 inches
New Copies sold out. Good condition used. Autographed and reconditioned..

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Today, September 10, 2006, the book is #1 on Amazon Digital Photography books, #3 on Computer and Internet books, and #263 on all of Amazon.

Editor: Colleen Wheeler
Illustrations: Bert Monroy

Additional Photography: Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Bill Owens, Jeff Schewe,
John Paul Caponigro, Jerry Uelsmann, Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, William
Henry Jackson, Frank Day Robinson, William Henry Fox-Talbot, Henry Peach
Robinson, Oscar Rejanlander, Alexander Gardner, Joe Rosenthal, John Filo,
Ken Light, Owen Franken, Julia Margaret Cameron, Man Ray, Carleton Watkins,
Andrew Stern.

Paintings: Albert Bierstadt, Vincent van Gough, William Bouguereau

four panos poster Introduction to Book by Author Stephen Johnson (mp3 audio link)

From the Publisher...

There is something for everyone in this beautiful and definitive guide for digital photography enthusiasts, from cutting edge camera and software techniques to engaging discourse on the history and future of digital photography.

  • Johnson is recognized worldwide as a digital photography pioneer and has helped shape the technology that is being developed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital photographers.

  • Provides an in-depth, visually-reinforced introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography.

  • Provides cutting edge techniques for producing and reproducing images of the highest quality, regardless of the equipment you are using, including: composition, color management, color editing, printing, restoration, and more.

  • Includes very high quality digital image examples.

  • Hones in on “uniquely digital” techniques and fundamental breakthroughs in photography that digital improvements have provided but which many haven’t taken advantage of.

  • Includes a fascinating history of electronic imaging and details the transformation of the darkroom  to the computer—taking us all way up to the future trends in digital photography. This book clearly shows that however far photography has come with technology, we are only at the beginning.

The Way of a Digital Photography Pioneer by Sara Peyton

In Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography, the renowned photographer writes about his journey on the "bleeding edge of digital photography's evolution." In this podcast, Johnson talks to Sara Peyton about his career, photo techniques, photo ethics in a digital age, and why, for him, taking landscape photos became synonymous with caring about the wild places he wandered in. (20 minutes 27 seconds) Sara Peyton has 25 years experience as a staff and freelance reporter, essayist, columnist, and book reviewer for daily and weekly newspapers in northern California. Sara is the public relations manager at O'Reilly Media.

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