(Sponsors as of May 1, 2001)

Adobe Systems: The maker of Photoshop, PostScript software and the Adobe Type library.

Apple Computer: The maker of Macintosh, PowerBook and Power PC computers, computer peripherals, software and operating systems.

BetterLight: A designer and builder of high end digital cameras, including the Dicomed and BetterLight Digital Cameras used in the Park Project.
Maker of the scanning software used in the Parks Project, the Panoramic Adaptor used for digital panoramics, and the modifications to the original Dicomed camera.

DayStar: Maker of high-speed multi-processing Macintosh clones.

Dicomed: Dicomed manufacturers and sells the Dicomed Digital Camera insert, BigShot Instant Digital Camera and Imaginator imaging software. Now under the care of the camera's inventor, BetterLight.

The Digital Pond: An image production company specializing in high resolution projects for creative professionals.


Iris Graphics: The maker of high-end inkjet printers for graphic arts and fine arts applications.

FWB: A maker of high performance mass storage products.

NEC/Mitsubishi: A maker of high quality computer display products.

Newer Technology: A maker of high quality RAM and computer acceleration products. NewerRAM

Radius (1995-98): A maker of calibrated display systems, graphics acclerators and video editing solutions.

Ricoh: A maker of optical disk drives, CD ROM recorders and optical media.

Sinar Bron: A maker of fine photographic equipment, view cameras, lenses and lighting equipment.

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