Stephen Johnson at PhotoPlus 2005

Large Format Fine-Art Printing
Speaker(s): Stephen Johnson
Date/Time: Thursday, Oct 20 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Track: Input / Output
Format: 3HR
Session ID: TA8

Creative, exquisite large-format ink-jet color prints combine an artist's eye, a craftsperson's skill and a photographer's passion. Learn how to finesse image detail and accurate color from a digital file and to prepare digital files for large-format, limited edition fine art prints. Discussions will include interpolation for larger prints, papers, emerging technologies for profiling, greater ink longevity, and a rethinking of what a photographic-based print can and should look like. Monochrome and color printing will be covered, as well as devices and technologies, digital darkroom techniques, creating the master file, printer drivers, Photoshop and printing workflows, RGB Colorspaces and printer transforms, soft-proofing and managing service providers.

Ask the Experts: The Latest Developments in Digital Printers, Inks and Media
Speaker(s): Henry Wilhelm
Stephen Johnson
Joseph Meehan
Date/Time: Thursday, Oct 20 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Track: Input / Output
Format: 2HR
Session ID: TB8

2005 has been a very eventful year for the release of new digital printers, papers and inks as well as related software. Following an overview of these new printing products by Henry Wilhelm and Joseph Meehan, attendees will be invited to pose questions about these products to a panel of industry experts. Expected areas of concern include first hand experiences with the newest printers, papers and software as well as question of print longevity, press proofing black and white methods.

Digital Camera Fundamentals: An Overview
Speaker(s): Stephen Johnson
Date/Time: Saturday, Oct 22 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Track: Technically Speaking
Format: 3HR
Session ID: SA7

Photographer Stephen Johnson takes the audience through basic digital camera functionality, features, controls and working procedures. The presentation is designed to de-mystify camera controls and offer insight into how these new devices can provide instant gratification and still be used to learn to make stronger photographs. It will examine the diversity of features available on various cameras and present a short primer on digital printing. This digital course is for those just getting into digital–issues, benefits/disadvantages of digital–future of digital, preservation and tracking your images, what camera to look for in purchase decisions-large format vs. SLR vs. pocket camera, digital exposure techniques, histograms and jpeg vs. RAW file formats. A question and answer period will conclude the session.

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