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Photographs at the Kennedy Space Center. 1996-97

smith rock

Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-75) on Launch Pad 39 from top of Launch Gantry.
Kennedy Space Center. 1996.
Kodak DCS 460c

About the Kennedy Space Center Photographs

My visits to the Kennedy Space Center in 1996 and 1997 were experiences of a lifetime. My eight visits in five trips were so full of images I was interested in, that it was hard to get around to putting up some galleries. Although most of these still need individual edits, here is a look at some very special photographic experiences.

These visits became possible because someone in one of my New York lectures came up afterward and said it seemed I was interested in the space program. He said he worked at the Kennedy Space Center and that I should come down for a visit. You can bet I followed up and remain grateful to this day for the access he helped arrange.

It was also on one these trips that I met Morton Dean of ABC News who was down to cover the Shuttle. He was fascinated by my scanning back and later did a report for ABC News World News Tonight on my digital national parks project With a New Eye.

I remember on one of the first trips out to the launch pad I said to my NASA PR Guide, I was feeling like a 12 year old 'Trekkie" on his way to a fantasy. He replied, "we all do, most every day."

These photograph were made with the highest resolution 35mm dSLR of its time, the Kodak DCS 460 and with the digital 4x5 BetterLight Scanning back, still higher res than most any other digital camera made to date.

niagara falls

Steve with Columbia Space Shuttle.

niagara falls

February 9,10 & 19, 1996

February 21, 1996

February 22, 1996

September 26, 1996

February 3, 1997

February 4, 1997



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