Project Tools


BetterLight Super 6-K2
    • Better Light Digital Insert, Super 6K HS (6000x8000 pixel, tri-linear sensor)
    • modified Dicomed Digital Insert (6000x7520 pixel, tri-linear array sensor)
    • Sinar-X 4x5 Camera
    • Sinaron 65mm, 150mm lens and 300mm lens
    • Schneider 90mm and 210mm lens
    • Goertz Red Dot 600mm lens
    • Gitzo Carbon-Fiber Tripod
    • Panoramic Adapter by Better Light and BayHouse
    • Additional camera: Kodak DCS 460 on Nikon N90 body & Kodak DCS 14n
    • Additional camera: Cambo Wide with 90mm Schneider Super Angulon


    • Additional camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II, with a variety of lenses

Field Computer

Apple PowerBook G4 17
    • Apple PowerBook G4 17, 1GIG RAM, 60 GIG internal hard drive, DVD writer plus WeibeTech MicroGB 40gb firewire hardrive.
    • 1998-2003: Apple PowerBook G3 series with 512MB RAM*, 40GIG internal hard drive, 8GIG and 12GIG removable media bay drives
    • 1996-97: Apple PowerBook 3400c with 148MB RAM*, 2GIG hard drive
    • 1994-97: Apple PowerBook 540c with 36MB RAM*, 500MB hard drive**


Studio Displays

NEC Mitsubishi SpectraView


Adobe Photoshop CS


Epson 9500
    • Epson 9000, 9500, 10000, 5500, 2200, 9600 and 2400 inkjet printers
    • Epson Pigment inkset, Lyson Neutral Quadtone inkset
    • Hahnemüehle Museum Etching, German Etching, Lyson Fine Art and Epson Fine Art rag paper

    • Iris Realist 5030 inkjet printer
    • Iris Equipoise inkset
    • Somerset rag paper


Color Management

GretagMacbeth Spectroscan


    • Garmin GPS Receiver
    • KISS Solar Panels
    • Minolta Color Temperature Meter


*RAM supplied by Newer Technology
**Drives supplied by FWB, Inc.

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