"Stephen Johnson's filmless large-format photography rides on the "bleeding edge" of photography's transition to a digital media. Schooled in the traditions of fine-art western landscape photography, Johnson has taken his understanding of traditional photographic processes and brought those skills to bear on the emerging technologies and aesthetics of digital photography. He has worked with technology companies to achieve the best of what imagemaking can be, and pushed his own vision of how we see and record light in the natural world. This has led him to conclude that the way we have traditionally captured images with silver-based photography has been a poor and distortive view of the real and rich world before our eyes. His photographs look almost "unphotographic" in their clarity and purity of color. He shows us a world we know, but rarely see on paper. His is a truly remarkable vision. "

The Photographer's Gallery,
Palo Alto, California, 1998

Stephen Johnson "...applies science to nature and creates art." His images create "...an intimacy that brings subject and viewer close in ways conventional photographs cannot."

"(Stephen Johnson) has documented wilderness scenes with a state-of-the-art filmless digital camera that, in under three minutes, records distinctions in color, tone, and contrast as they actually occur in nature."

Life Magazine
December 1997

"Anyone who's paid attention to advances on the digital frontier over the last 15 years has heard of landscape photographer Stephen Johnson." "...his current work may one day redefine what we expect to see in a photograph."

pdn's pix
February/March 1999

"Johnson has embraced modern technology, feeling that to ignore the advances it offers would be a great loss."

Communication Arts
August 1994

"extraordinary...fantastic...splendid...allowing Americans to see their national treasures like they never could before."

Morton Dean, ABC News/Discovery Channel
December 1997

Johnson is "...the preeminent digital landscape photographer..." He creates images "unlike anything possible on film..." His prints are"...remarkably vibrant, and the details seem to jump out from the image."

Photo Insider
October/November 1999

"a digital pioneer's triumph"

American Photo
September-October 1999

Kilkenny Arts Festival Reviews, Ireland 1996

"....amazingly fine detail....a rare, spare integrity the kind of which you find in the best Minimal art. The variations of light, the vivid textures, the overall spaciousness and clarity, are quite exhilarating."

Brian Fallon. The Irish Times, August 21, 1996

"This current exhibition is an outstanding collection of stunning photographs that prove that the new digital photography is capable of recording detail and colour that were never captured by film."

Rose May Hamilton. Kilkenny People, August 23, 1996.
Kilkenny Exhibit

"....a stunning collection of photographs..."

Aidan Dunne
The Irish Times, August 18, 1996

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