Seybold 2002

Under the Desktop: Wandering and Wondering at Seybold SF
(Staff Report)
By David Morgenstern, contributing editor
Thursday, September 19, 2002

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On the Floor


I was also impressed by the expressive power available from digital output. Photographer Stephen Johnson created a temporary gallery of his work on the show floor, including several of his large panoramic images.

One of the images was an immense 360-degree color panorama titled Dawn at Stonehenge, England. The image was printed on a single sheet and covers an entire wall. I chanced upon the image, turning a corner and looking up from my appointment sheet. It is truly striking in person, gaining impact from both the subject and its hardcopy realization.

Could a traditional photographic process create such an image? Doubtful.

According to a rabbinic saying: "Better a little with beauty than much without it." Thanks to digital imaging tools and the creativity of folks like Johnson, we can have beauty and sometimes even a lot of it.

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