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Photographic Projects

    With a New Eye
        Parks Photographs: Park by Park
        Gallery Selections from "With a New Eye: The Digital National Parks Project"
         Parks Project Selections (requires some time to open)
         Parks Project Documentation
        "A Photographer's Journey"  a short documentary film on Stephen Johnson
        Project Tools
        Project Sponsors
        Parks Visited (to date)
        Some Thoughts on Digital Imaging

    Digital Panoramics
        First Digital Panorama
        First Digital Panorama Higher Resolution
        Two Panoramics from Florida: 1996
        New Panramics in VR from New York City: 1998

    At Mono Lake
        At Mono Lake: An Introduction to the Exhibition
        Mono Lake Facts
        Exhibit Description
            At Mono Lake exhibit catalog
                Introduction by Stephen Johnson
                The Photographer and Wilderness. Essay by Dave Bohn
                Reviews & Comments
                Exhibition Inventory
        At Mono Lake Products
        The At Mono Lake Exhibition
                Exhibit Inventory
                Terra Magazine: At Mono Lake Comes to LA County Museum
                Exhibition Tour
                    Past Intinerary
                    Current Venue:  at the USFS Visitor Center at Mono Lake

    The Great Central Valley
        The Project
        The Photographers
        Book: The Great Central Valley: California's Heartland
            Reviews & Awards
                San Jose Mercury News
            Order Info
            Special Edition
        Book: Making a Digital Book
            Description and Contents
        The Great Central Valley Project Exhibition
            Exhibit Inventory
            Installation Photographs
        Exhibit Tour
            Stephen Johnson
            Robert Dawson
            Carleton Watkins
            Frank Day Robinson

    Western Artifacts

    Color Pastel Abstracts

    Digital Composites

    Glass Plate Project: Frank Day Robinson photographs circa 1925

    Portrait Work

Original Prints

Events and Exhibitions
    One-Person Exhibition: Photographer's Gallery, Palo Alto, California. January 9-February 20, 1998.
        Review in Palo Alto Weekly
        QuickTime VR 360 degree View: Front
        QuickTime VR 360 degree View: Back
        Invitation in PDF format.
        Print Inventory in PDF format.

    Kilkenny Arts Festival. Kilkenny, Ireland. August 1996.
        Stephen Johnson Exhibition Opening, Long Gallery, Kilkenny Castle
        The Kilkenny Exhibition
        The Exhibition in QuickTime VR (download hit if you want to see)
        Irish Views: On the road in Ireland. August 1996.

    Silver to Silicon: A one-person exhibition of photographs from 1976-1996.
        Center for Photographic Art. April 12-May 17, 1996. Carmel, California.

    Selected Exhibitions by Stephen Johnson

Collection References Online
    Getty Museum online collections
    Mars Millennium Project

    Apple Media Arts feature story on Stephen Johnson. July 1998.
    LIFE Magazine Feature: Camera At Work. "Landscape Photographer Applies Science to Nature and Creates Art." December 1997, page 122.
    Stephen Johnson does first field tests of New Digital Camera MacWeek 9/21/97
    Stephen Johnson featured on Adobe's Gallery on the Web
    Recent Bibliography
    Mono Lake Exhibit  in Terra Magazine
    California History: Artist in Today's Landscape
     IdN Magazine: Interview March 1994
    Communication Arts Feature Story. Photography Annual. August 1994.
    A Passion for Images. On-Line Design, April 1994.
    View Camera Magazine, September/October 1995
    Adobe Magazine. New Eye on the World. January/February1995. PDF file. Text only
    Fotografisk Tidskrift, September 1995. Sweden.
    MacWeek 12/4/95: Camera Prototype Captures Big Picture (Digital Panoramas)
    Digital Cameras Review, MacUser Magazine 11/95
    Back to Nature, Hallå Magazine, Stockholm. January 1996
    Photo Electronic Imaging. April 1996.
    From Film to Digital: A Photographer's Evolution. Digital Video Magazine.August 1996.

The Photographic Archive
Order Form

    The Digital Photography Workshop in Pacifica (near San Francisco, California).

Presentations Online
    Digital Photography in the Field: Seybold Fall 1994 in San Francisco
    Digital Photography in the Real World. Landscape Photography. Seybold San Francisco/Publishing '98

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