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Free Publicity for Law Office Software

Software developers with products applicable to the law office market are invited to submit product information and ads to the Macintosh Law Office Software List. This guide, written by Randy B. Singer, Esq., is published and distributed by Apple Computer as a way to provide Mac OS solution information to law offices and lawyers. To obtain submission information, send a request to Randy B. Singer at

To review an online version of the Macintosh Law Office Software List, visit this web site:

To order a printed edition of the Macintosh Law Office Software List from Apple's Starting Line catalog, call 1-800-825-2145 and ask for part number L02531A. There is no charge for this guide.

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Apple Expands Lineup of New Power Macintosh Products

Apple just announced the United States availability of the new Apple Power Macintosh 8600/250, which previously was available only in several countries outside the United States. The Power Macintosh 8600/250, with an estimated retail price of US$ 3,200, is part of Apple's new lineup of powerful desktop computers for professional publishers, media/Internet authors, academics, and science and engineering professionals. Announced at MACWORLD Expo/Boston on August 5, the new lineup also includes the Power Macintosh 9600/350, 9600/300, and 8600/300. All of these new computers include the next-generation PowerPC 604e processor from IBM and Motorola.

For more details, see the full Apple press release:

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Mac OS 8 Introduction in Japan This Month

Apple Japan plans to introduce a Japanese version of Mac OS 8 on September 26. In a news conference last week, Apple Japan's president, Eiko Harada, said that the company anticipates that it will sell 800,000 units of Mac OS 8 in Japan by the end of December.

On a related note, Apple Singapore reports that supplies of the new Power Macintosh computers and Mac OS 8 were completely sold out by the end of the first day of MACWORLD Expo/Singapore on August 15. More details are posted on the Apple Asia Pacific web site:

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Apple Announces a New Channel Incentive Program

The Apple Learn & Earn Program is a new incentive program for individuals who work within Apple's United States distribution channel, including authorized Apple resellers, value-added resellers (VARs), education sales agents, and members of the Apple Solutions Professionals Network (ASPN). The program is designed to provide these individuals with the information they need to improve their sales of Apple products, and to reward them for their commitment to these products.

Program participants will have access to many different learning activities, including web-based instruction and quizzes, leader-led seminars and classes, and videos, which contain the information participants need to keep customers informed about Apple's products and technologies. Program participants will accrue points for completion of specified learning activities. Apple will reward accomplishments with Apple logo-branded merchandise and other gifts at designated program point levels.

For more information, check out the full Apple press release:

To sign up for this program, register as an Apple channel member at the web site listed below, click the USA Market button on the Members page, locate the Apple Learn & Earn Program, and then answer the designated questions.

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The ColorSync Profiling Excellence Awards

Apple just announced seven ColorSync Profiling Excellence Awards to be given to customers who have utilized the ColorSync Color Management System to streamline and enhance their production environment in innovative ways. The seven winners and their respective categories are: the New York Times for the Newspaper category, Stephen Johnson for Photography, Bruce Fraser for Book Publishing, Digital QuickColor, Inc. for Quick Printing, Virtual Color for Pre-press, the Buchanan Printing Company for Commercial Printing, and the May Company for Corporate uses. The honorees each receive a Limited Edition Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Computer.

For more details about the winners, see the complete Apple press release:

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Apple Recognizes Quark for "Best Use of ColorSync"

Apple honored Quark with the award, "Best Use of ColorSync in a Commercial Application," for its QuarkXPress 4.0 page layout production and design software.

"Quark continues to innovate, using ColorSync color management technology in new ways to provide its customers with fast, accurate desktop color calibration, proofing, and reproduction," said Jeff Martin, senior director of the Publishing, Entertainment, and New Media (PEN) and the Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) Groups at Apple Computer, Inc. "Today, we're recognizing Quark's use of this important underlying Mac technology in enabling its customers to manage color better."

To read more on this topic, see this web site:

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Apple Wraps Up Its Technology World Tour

The Apple Technology World Tour, a developer-focused road show that traveled through Europe, Asia, and Latin America all summer, recently came to an end. According to event organizers, overall attendance for the World Tour exceeded internal expectations, with Japan, Europe, and Bombay responding particularly strongly. Japan was the largest Asian venue, with 1,500 participants--a 50 percent increase over last year's tour. The European segment had close to 100 percent capacity with approximately 600 attendees, and Bombay reported 400 developers.

For more information, read the complete Apple press release:

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Apple Language Kits Now Compatible With Mac OS 8

Several Mac OS 8-compatible Apple Language Kits can now be downloaded from the Apple web site, providing multilingual users with a way to transition to Mac OS 8. The Language Kit Updater for Mac OS 8 has been added to the following Language Kit products to provide these multilingual users with Mac OS 8 compatibility:

The updater is available free of charge when downloaded from the Apple Software Updates web site:

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New Mac OS Extended Format (HFS+) Available

Sequoia, the new Mac OS Extended Format (HFS+), is now available through the seed release of "Bride of Buster," the code name for an upcoming version of Mac OS. It is important to note that these improvements to Mac OS Standard Format (HFS) are targeted for large volumes. The delivery of Mac OS Extended Format (HFS+) does not render the Mac OS Standard Format (HFS) volume format obsolete--it is still required for floppy disk, small volumes, and CD-ROM discs. Apple Developer Program members can download this release after they've registered for the Apple Technology Seeding Program at this web site:

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Guy to Speak at the Stanford Web Publishing Workshop

Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki will be speaking at Stanford's "Publishing on the Web" workshop, which will be held November 16-19, 1997 in Monterey, California. The workshop provides an open forum for discussion of new business models, shifting staff roles, effective web design, quality editorial content, and selling on the World Wide Web. Other topics include online marketing and branding, increasingly complicated legal issues, and new technologies to improve web site usability.

For more information, call 650-725-6259 or visit this web site:

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Apple, Xerox, and Splash Launch ColorSync Educational Program

Apple, Xerox, and Splash Technology launched a worldwide color publishing educational program, Profiling Excellence with ColorSync, at the Print '97 conference. The program is designed to demonstrate the benefits of publishing with color using Apple, Xerox, and Splash products and technologies. The program consists of a 39-country "How to Catch Color" seminar series, and follow-up color management courses held at leading graphic arts educational institutions around the United States. The goal of the Profiling Excellence program is to increase the understanding, implementation, and financial benefits of publishing with color for design and publishing professionals within corporations, agencies, and small businesses.

The Profiling Excellence program begins September 5, with initial "How to Catch Color" seminars offered in Latin America, United States, and Canada. These free-of-charge seminars are designed to take the mystery out of publishing with color through demonstrations and case studies that "walk" users through typical production workflows from calibration to output. For times and locations of the free "How to Catch Color" seminars, access this web site:

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WEB-BYTES--Pointers to More News and Software

Useful Advice on the Business of Shareware

Rick Holzgrafe, the author of Solitaire Till Dawn, a shareware card game, has written an informative article on how to create and market shareware products. Aspiring shareware developers should check out Holzgrafe's web site:


New OpenStep Resources on the Stepwise Server

Every week Stepwise posts original articles and advice on its OpenStep/Rhapsody web site. New articles posted on the Stepwise Information Service include:

You can read these articles and more at the Stepwise site:


A New Mac OS Technical Web Site

Mac 'n' tech is a Mac OS technical site that provides free e-mail technical support, Apple news, a list of Apple-authorized service providers in the United Kingdom, and more. Check it out at this URL:


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