Test Photographs Made with the Foveon X3 Prototype Sensor

These photographs show some of my work over the last six months with cameras based on the Foveon X3 sensor. The cameras have all been experimental or prototypes. I hope you find them useful companions to the news about this new technology. They are from the full res, uninterpolated 12mb and 9.8mb files. Please view only, I reserve my copyright on the work.

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r13_IMG00007 r13_IMG00013 r14_IMG00007rocks r15_IMG00002falls
r13_IMG00007.jpg r13_IMG00013.jpg r14_IMG00007rock... r15_IMG00002fall...
r15_IMG00005-hd r15_IMG00006-bridalveil r16_IMG00001 r18_IMG00009
r15_IMG00005-hd.jpg r15_IMG00006-bri... r16_IMG00001.jpg r18_IMG00009.jpg
r5_IMG00004 r8_IMG00007 r8_IMG00009-leaves  
r5_IMG00004.jpg r8_IMG00007.jpg r8_IMG00009-leav...

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