Stephen Johnson:
We've invited people here today because we wanted to try and make this
photograph have a long-term meaning to a larger group of people, the same
sort of meaning that it has had for us ...since the attacks and murder on
September 11th.

We look at the photograph, it's chilling. Its a reminder, the reality of it
is something that is very hard for me to take in.

I think it can serve to remind us, to make sure we never forget what
happened on September 11, 2001. I want the photograph to have the power to
carry that loss forward as a vehicle, very much like the Vietnam War
Memorial is a vehicle, to continue to remind us of the loss.

We never had any idea when we made this photograph that it would be seen in
this way, in this context.

Mr. Mayor, it is an honor to give a print of this image to the City of San
Francisco as a gift from all of here in the bay area to the people of the
City of New York.

Mayor Brown:
I'd like first to thank you Stephen for this copy of this go
toward our archives...

I would also like to say thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent
with all of the people of New York and the surrounding areas and all of us
in San Francisco and the bay area.

When I read about this particular print, I could not have imagined how
awesome it really is. While not only does it display what was there in 1998,
but it does so with the application of the newest forms of technology
involved in imaging.

Being the center of the use of that technology, in the creation of that
technology, it is appropriate. It also has a statement about it, without the
artistic talent and gift, the technology would really mean nothing. The
combination of that gift, the application of that technology and now the
significance of this scape of the city that will never again be.

It is just an awesome opportunity for us in San Francisco, for New Yorkers.

Thank you very much. I accept on behalf of our city. I look forward to Mayor
Bloomberg accepting on behalf of City of New York.

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