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Photography Studios and Galleries and the Hands-on Digital Lab



  • Three galleries with 5000K lighting


  • Photography book and video library

Gallery Shop

  • Books
  • Posters
  • Videos
  • Notecards

Public Lectures

  • Digital Photography Topics

Workshops and Seminars

  • Field workshops
  • Hands-on Lab Workshops
  • Critiques

Rental Lab

  • Fully equipped lab, by the hour ($25) or day ($175). email info@sjphoto.com or call 650 355-7507 to make arrangements.


Lab Facilities

Facilities and Tools Available for specific classes:

  • 10 Station Mac Intel Lab with individual printers, calibration tools and viewing lights.
  • Canon Pro-1000 and Epson P600 printers
  • X-Rite I/O, ISIS and Spectroscan Spectrophotomenters
  • X-Rite i1 Pro, ProfileMaker Pro and Eye-One Match software
  • X-Rite DPT-70
  • Imacon Precision II film scanner
  • Leafscan 45
  • Epson Perfection 750M print/film scanner
  • Linotype Circon 11x17 scanner
  • Fletcher Pro 60 inch matt cutter
  • Seal 72 inch Vacuum Press
  • GTI 6500°K Viewing tabletop viewing unit
  • UV Testing light
  • WireMac binding machine


  • 1 mile from California's Highway One and Pacific Ocean at Linda Mar State Beach, 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco and San Francisco Airport.
  • Parking:15 spaces with overflow into general Art Center parking
  • Setting in Art Center next to San Pedro Creek, in a residential neighborhood surrounded by the hills of national, state and county parks.
Fully Equipped Digital Photography Hands-on Lab

In the past, I have been frustrated in teaching digital printing. I wanted to teach hands-on classes more often, but my own space was limited to seminar and demonstration. Other labs were under-powered, under-equipped and constrained on ink and paper. I gradually became determined to build my own facility that could rise beyond those constraints.

With these desires in mind, I have assembled the equipment to teach printing and digital photography the way I think it ought to be done, with solid information, great facilities and careful feedback, proper lighting, time and thought. Among the very successful workshops that employ this is our Fine-Art Digital Printing Hands-On Workshop.


Most photographers are fascinated by both the art of photography and the technology used to produce that art.

One of the internal mysteries of the art of photography is: “How good could my photographs really be if there were virtually no money barriers to using the best photographic technology available?” 

Most people never find out. Now you can.

By enrolling and participating in a Stephen Johnson Digital Workshop you gain access to one of the leading digital imaging teachers of our time. Concurrently, you will put into practice what you are taught in one of the best-equipped digital labs in the United States.

With state of the art digital imaging technologies and equipment from Apple, Adobe, Epson, Hahnemuhle and other leading suppliers / sponsors you will experience what it is like to create without barriers.

You will be able to answer the eternal question of how good your photographs can really be.

Treat yourself.

Enroll now and experience the best digital imaging teaching and the best digital lab available. Only then will you know how good your photographs can really be.

-former student Stephen Brown

The lab is a thing of beauty. All state of the art equipment and software. Stephen has leveraged his standing to equip this with all
and best and has opened it to classes and the community. I have never seen a computer lab this well equipped.

-Will Emerson, student from the March Printing Workshop

With our Mac Intel Lab
each station has it's own:

  • Mac Intel Duo Core computer
  • 21 inch Eizo LCD display
  • 13x19 pigment inkjet printers
  • Complete Adobe Creative Suite Premuim
  • EyeOne Spectrophotometer for Printer Profiling
  • X-Rite Monitor Calibrator
  • Network Connection to large-format printers
  • 6500K Print Viewing light

with Network Access to additional printers:

  • Canon iPF 6450, IPF 8400, Pro1000, Pro4000
  • Epson 9600, 3800
  • Hewlett Packard Z3100, Z3200

Every station has its own dedicated Color Management and Profiling tools (no sharing). The Adobe Creative Suite and Lightroom is fully installed on every machine as well as X-Rite Eye-One Match, ColorEyes monitor calibration, and the Colorbyte ImagePrint RIP. Every machine has enough RAM to edit and print. 6500°K viewing lights available at all stations with viewing booths and print review areas also in the lab. Classes in our digital lab are proving very rewarding.

Lab Technology Partners (photo from 2005)
Apple, Adobe, Eizo, Epson, X-Rite, Hahnemühle, Colorbyte

These classes give you experience printing your files using the best tools and the best methodologies (and understanding them more thoroughly than you ever thought possible), but more importantly, critically evaluating your prints and figuring out what you need to do to coax them toward perfection.

-Susan Beveridge

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