Digital Panoramic Photographs

Since November 1995, Stephen Johnson has been making huge digital panoramic photographs. Originally made with an adapted Dicomed Digital Insert for 4x5 cameras, this prototype device yeilded photographs up 6,000 x 65,000 pixels (1.2 gigabytes), in color, black and white or infrared.

The Panoramic adaptor was designed by Howard Barney (BayHouse) with software by Michael Collette (BetterLight). Recent panos made with Better Light pano adaptor. The BetterLight WideView panoramic adaptor has been used since 1999.

Steve in the Panoramic room in his gallery

Very large 360 degree prints were made with the help of Hewlett Packard on the DesignJet 750 and 3500 printers in 1995 and 1996. Prints are now made on wide format pigment printers.

A permanent panoramic room built by Robin Myers can be seen at Stephen Johnson Photography Gallery and Studios. One such print was displayed at MacWorld New York in July 1998. Two large panormic prints were shown at Seybold 2002 in San Francisco.

The following web pages explore some of Johnson's panoramic work.

First Digital Panorama
First Digital Panorama Higher Resolution

Digital Panoramic Gallery
Two Panoramics from Florida: 1996

Panoramics in VR from New York City: 1998

A Few Images

Fort Point and the Golden Gate (link to 200x1670 gif)
Photograph Copyright ©1995 by Stephen Johnson. All Rights Reserved worldwide.

Everglades National Park, Florida. February 1996.

Space Shuttle on Launch Pab 38B. Kennedy Space Center, Florida. February 1997.

Central Park, New York City. March 1997.

Dawn at Stonehenge, England. August 1996.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, California. September 2000.

Prairie, Badlands National Park, South Dakota. June 1997.

Joshua Tree National Park, California. July 1997.
Full image size: 40,360 x 3,744 ps, 432MB.

Making the Photographs

Stephen Johnson setting up first digital panoramic photograph
Photograph Copyright ©1995 by Stephen Johnson. All Rights Reserved worldwide.

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