Mentor Program with Stephen Johnson

I teach because I believe I can make a difference for people.
It is a deep ethic, with three decades of photography and teaching experience, combined with some great feedback from my students.

A note on the Corona Virus and our Mentor Program: As much of our attention and potential income now rests with virtual experiences, we are using Zoom as a meeting and interaction program and appreciate your choosing to work with Steve.

One on One Photographic Help

A note on the Corona Virus and our Mentor Program: As much of our attention and potential income now rests with virtual experiences, we are using Zoom as a meeting and interaction program and appreciate your choosing to work with Steve.

Our Mentor Program is an exciting formalization of work we have been doing with photographers for years. It has been one of the core interactions that has proved extremely valuable to students.

We are offering prepaid packages of hours where individuals can book mutually agreeable times at our studio, in the field or online virtually to work one on one with Steve. Bigger discounts come with more time prepaid.

Savings Rates (limited slots available)

  • 10 hours @ $1800
  • 4 hours @ $800
  • 2 hours @ $450

Work with Steve side by side, in person or virtually, from anywhere in the world, just as you would if you were with him in Tuscany, the Galapagos or the Antarctic. Virtual connections mean no hassle of an airport pat down, lost luggage, a canceled flight or the expense of a plane ticket.

Stephen Johnson Photography is inaugurating this Mentorship program to enable individual photographers worldwide to consult directly with Stephen on their technical and aesthetic photographic questions. In person visits or field trips remain the best way of working. Virtual connections are also working extremely well and is run using Skype for video conferencing.

Recent online interactions with students have included individual critiques of the student's work, digital concepts including exposure, histograms and depth of field, printing workflow connectivity and profiling, consultation on photographic projects and input on publishing your work. Ongoing work with Steve over time can provide a unique opportunity for feedback and growth.

Potential students can email Steve to determine how he might help. Naturally, this initial interaction is free. Once you and Steve determine that he can be of help, you can contact our studio to set up emailed image submissions or submitted questions to enable working virtually with Stephen directly online, prepaying for the estimated time needed.

The number of clients and regularity of this service is limited. Virtual appointments must consider reasonable times for our California location. Image submission and the nature of the needed consultation can be arranged up front, before payment or booking. Prepaying allow us to offer these reduced rates.

What you need:

  • Time to come spend time with Steve one on one or a Skype account (free), webcam, and high speed internet connection
  • Email to briefly discuss with Steve how he might help
  • Arrangements for a time and date
  • A desire to work with Steve on your photography
  • Use within one year of purchase

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Contact: or call 650 355-7507.



I highly recommend Stephen Johnsonís virtual consulting service. I have taken a number of workshops from Stephen and also attended a couple of photography trips with him. His photography knowledge and expertise are excellent. I really admire his printing skills and have seen that he has an amazing eye for detail.

There are times when it is difficult for me to get to Stephenís studio because of my schedule. I have found using Skype to communicate with him a perfect way to utilize his skills. Recently on Skype, Stephen helped me set up paper profiles for my new Epson printer. I am thrilled that Stephen has added this option to his growing list of services.

-Marsha Guggenheim, San Francisco

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Interested in learning more? Perhaps one of our digital photography classes would be of help? We take the imparting of information and the empowerment of our students quite seriously. The digital age has considerably enhanced our ability to teach, and we believe your ability to capture what you see. This program is designed to help you benefit from both of these advances. We hope you can join us on a workshop.

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Workshop Testimonials

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