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Welcome to the March 2003 edition of the Stephen Johnson Photography

We hope that you enjoy this issue.
February/March, 2003

Dune at Dusk, White Sands National Monument. 1997.
11x14 Pigment Print on Rag paper

This is the last photograph I made on my trip to White Sands in 1997.
I had fought wind for days, made a few images I felt good about, but
considered the trip something of a struggle. I was leaving the park
thinking the color had gone from the sky, when I rounded a bend and
saw this dune. Setting up the camera very quickly, and making a good
judgment as to the scan time and light remaining, worked itself out
into a photograph that has been very well received.

We're offering an original, signed 11x14 inch print, matted to 16x20
and ready to frame for $195, framed for an additional $75. This print
at this price is offered through March 31. We'll be taking orders
until then, and shipping them out by April 15.

About the Program
Each month we offer a signed, original print, at a special price.
This is a great opportunity to own a very affordable fine-art
photograph. Orders are taken for a 30-day period, then printed and
shipped within two weeks after the close. When it's over, it's over,
these prints won't be available again at this price.


Basic Digital Camera Use
Wednesday, April 9, 7-9pm $15

Photographer Stephen Johnson takes the audience through basic digital
camera functionality, features, controls and working procedures. The
presentation is designed to de-mystify camera controls and offer
insight into how these new devices can provide instant gratification
and still be used to learn to make stronger photographs. It will
examine the diversity of features available on various cameras and
present a short primer on digital printing. A question and answer
period will conclude the evening.

Admission: $15.
$5 of admission price can be applied to any purchase during the evening.
RSVP is required as seating is limited.
Call (650) 355-7507 or email michelle@sjphoto.com

* Death Valley Field Workshop Retrospective

We had a great time on our Death Valley Workshop in January. Our
days were full: getting up early to experience a terrific moonset
from mile-high Dante's View one day and watch the sun rise over the
Dunes another; enjoying the variety of light available as the day
progressed at locations as different as the Artists Palette and
Titus canyon; and watching the sun sink behind the Panamint
mountains were all wonderful experiences.

We'd gather for a quick dinner, then spend the evening reviewing our
work on a digital projector, generating feedback and suggestions
that we could apply to the next day's shooting. The evening
sessions were capped off on the last evening when we set up the
review on a screen out in the desert, under the stars.

Ever the clowns, we made a unique panoramic group portrait at
Ubehebe Crater at the end of the final day.


* Coming this weekend.

- Intermediate Digital Photography Workshop (March 15-16, 2003)

* New Workshop: an 8 Week Class starting this Thursday!

- Fundamentals of Digital Photography (March 13-May 15)
Thursday evenings for 8 Weeks 7-9pm
For some time, we've been interested in offering a multi-evening class
structured much like a college course. This teaching arrangement
gives us the distinct advantage of being able to deliver information
over time, in smaller segments, coupled with the additional
opportunity to digest and experiment between classes. We have now
scheduled a Thursday evening course, Fundamentals of Digital
Photography, to begin this Thursday March 13. Each evening will run
from 7pm to 9pm.

* Check out our workshop web page for information on all of the
workshops that we offer.


We're considering publishing a set of National Park color notecards
from With a New Eye. This 12 card set with matching envelopes would
be a selection of some of the parks project's greatest hits to date.

We'd like to generate pre-orders from our mailing list, to help us
make the cards happen. This set of 12 notecards will retail for over
$10, but we're offering a pre-order price of 3 sets for $20.

Interested? Go to: http://www.sjphoto.com/natl-park-notecard.html to
have a look and place your order.

A full refund will be given if we do not proceed and deliver your
notecards by June 1st.


Adobe's Camera Raw Plug-in

During the summer a number of us worked on the testing and development
of Adobe's Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop. It is designed to take
RAW camera files from a number of camera manufacturers and give the
user a high degree of control of the acquisition and transformation of
the photograph into Photoshop. It is a critically useful product,
giving the photographer incentive to preserve the best data from the
camera by encouraging the use of the RAW format, and allowing control
of highlight and shadow, contrast, white point and some digital camera
artifact repair.

Steve will be explore the software in the April lecture. Adobe sells
the product for $99.

Adobe site: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/cameraraw.html
April Lecture: http://www.sjphoto.com/lecture-series.html

An Experimental inclusion written on the way back from a quick trip
back east in December. Let us know if you want more Journals.


In the air over Colorado
12/8/02 10pm

The night seems bejeweled. It seems a full moon, the Rockies below
are clear and frosted, tiny sparkles adorning their dark icy expanse.

The cloud blanket stopped at Denver, the rising land beyond its reach.
Now the earth looms nearer, in sinuous stretches of black, dimly lit
ice and occasional clusters of yellow orange outposts of town lights.

In the distance to the north a thick soft haze transitions into star

As the land drops down into the canyonlands of the Colorado, the haze
spreads back, then recedes again.

The jewels vary in color, mercury-vapor bluish-green, to quartz
halogen yellow, tungsten orange and fluorescent green. Such strange
mingling of color amid these small gestures of light spotting the

The soft thick blanket of haze with the stars above makes it seem as
though we're a hundred miles up, just above the earth's atmosphere, on
a journey outward. The occasional blinking lights of other craft
makes orbital space seem busy, routine with ships going about their
business. It's not hard to imagine, just not quite there.

We are so small, a perspective from any distance confirms it. The
airplane screens play images of people talking, engaged activities of
supposed interest, banal, ordinary small engagements, cameras close so
as to even notice the human interplay. We are otherwise nearly lost
in any wide view. The cities validate our power over land, surface
though it may be. We occupy those spaces, cast our shadows,
congregate to consequence, or so delude ourselves.


The weather cleared today, after days of rain. All the days I had to
wander and photograph the Great Smoky Mountains were filled with rain.
I wandered and worked anyway, umbrellas duck-taped to the rental car
trunk, tapped to the camera, sheltering the PowerBook and the camera
from the constant streams. It was quite an amusing sight. I was
determined to try.

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