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Welcome to the October edition of the Stephen Johnson Photography Newsletter.

We're very excited to announce a guest at our next Photography
Lecture: Dick Lyon of Foveon, Inc. will be joining Stephen to discuss
their new technology. We've also included information about October's
Print of The Month, a great web site for anticipating the movements of
the sun and the moon, a story about how technology is empowering
people to effect social change, and an introduction to a member of the
Gallery staff.

We hope that you enjoy this issue.


The Foveon X3: The Scientist and the Photographer

Richard Lyon, Chief Scientist, Foveon, Inc. and
Stephen Johnson, Photographer

Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 7-8:30pm
Location: Stephen Johnson Photography Studios

Join us us for a first look at a remarkable new digital photography

Last February Foveon announced the first full resolution color instant
capture camera, using their X3 Sensor. It caused quite a stir,
sparking everything from shock to admiration and disbelief. At
Photokina in Germany last week, Sigma began showing the shipping
version of the camera (due later this month) with a surprising price
of $1800.

Steve has been consulting with Foveon for many years and has been
testing the X3 technology for over a year. Steve and Dick will talk
about their perspectives on the camera and this breakthrough
technology. Most of the time will be given to Mr. Lyon's presentation
on the technology.


Admission: $5.
Admission price can be applied to any purchase during the evening.

RSVP is required as seating is limited.
Call (650) 355-7507 or email michelle@sjphoto.com


Stephen Johnson Photography staged a gallery at the Seybold San
Francisco show again this year. The gallery was organized into
themes, Digital Panoramics, With a New Eye: The Digital National Parks
Project, Empowerment, and Design and Publishing. The gallery was very
well attended, at times it was so crowded that it was hard to see the

People seemed to be especially entranced by our large panoramic
prints, including David Morgenstern from CreativePro.com. You can
read an excerpt of his Seybold Staff report here:


Nearby on the show floor was a Tribute Gallery to the Victims of
September 11, which included a 160 inch long print of Steve's dramatic
New York Skyline photograph from 1998.

San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. marked the anniversary of
September 11th by joining Stephen for a ceremonial donation of the
large panoramic print. Mayor Brown enthusiastically accepted the
donation of the print, which will be given in turn as a gift to the
City of New York by the City of San Francisco.

Mayor Brown attended the presentation at 11:40am during Seybold SF
2002 Conference on September 11th at Moscone Convention Center. A web
gallery of the event can be found at:


October 2002

Trees, Fitzgerald Reserve. 1994.
11x14 Quadtone Print on Rag paper

This is the first serious photograph I made with inventor Michael
Collette's prototype digital scanning camera. Using Prototype #2 in
March 1994, with Mike in attendance, this black and white infrared
image was made in low light and gentle rain.

This was a breakthrough image for me, as it was the first successful
photograph I made with the camera, one that I could show friends and
colleagues and which cemented the idea that the ambitious National
Parks project I had dreamed up might actually be viable.

A large print of this image is included in the Oakland Museum of
California's show: Ansel Adams: Inspiration and Influence. More
information about the show is available at:


You can see the image, and more information about our special print
program at:



We'd like to mention some of our upcoming workshops. Please check out
our workshop web page for more complete information:


- Intermediate Digital Photography Workshop (October 23-24)


- Beginning Digital Photography Workshops (November 13-14)


- Death Valley Field Workshop (January 15-18, 2003)



Did you know that in San Francisco, sunrise was at 7:08am on October
3? Or that the full moon will rise in Moab, Utah at 6:38pm on October
20th? This kind of data can very useful when you're planning a
photographic outing.

We've found a great source of information about the travels of the sun
and the moon for a particular day at:


and for an entire year at:


We thought you might find them useful too. If you have similar
resources that you'd like to share with the rest of the list, send
them to lists@sjphoto.com and we'll try to work them into future
issues of the newsletter.


Digital Photography in the aid of Community Development Projects:
The Pacifica Civic Center Project

I continue to sound this theme: digital technology gives us a unique
power to effect our concerns. Here in our coastal town of Pacifica,
near San Francisco, a rather contentious local election is brewing,
fueled by issues of housing developments and a new Civic Center.

A few years ago, we built a new sewage treatment plant here in
Pacifica. This left the old site near the Pier and the beach as
vacant City property and an option agreement with a developer was
signed to build a hotel retail complex there. After many years of
delay the project lingers.

Meanwhile Pacifica finds itself in need of a new public library and
desires a single-site Civic Center. In another area just down the
road, ironically next to the new sewage treatment plant and Mori Point
(the new addition to our National Parks), another development process
is underway. The big guns of a $600 million Texas developer are
spending $200,000 in our community trying to buy the election approval
for a 300 home housing project, masquerading it as a new library and
civic center.

We are working in support of a multi-use plan for developing the site
of the old treatment plant. This plan would provide Pacifica with the
facilities it needs without tying them to a large housing project. We
photographed the site, digitally stripped away the existing
facilities, imaged the alternate use and designed a package for
presentation to the city, the developer and the public. The speed
with which we've put together the plan will make it possible for
Pacifica to apply for California State Library Grants. Hundreds of
copies of the plan have already been distributed.

A good idea gains power by passion and technology working together.

This proposal (in pdf format) can be seen at:


David Gardner

Dave is a photographer, multi-media designer, and our local webmaster.
I first met Dave when he was a student of mine at Skyline College. He
was a good photographer even then and learned to print beautifully.
Although working as a full time journeyman insulator, he managed to
keep doing his photography, eventually leaving that job and pursuing
photography full-time.

Dave has created a number of photographic projects, including a series
on the Embarcadero Freeway as it was being torn down and used for
improvised shelters by the homeless, and an extensive web-based
project documenting Golden Gate Park, The Visual Golden Gate Park.

Dave has worked for me over the last few years as a photographic
assistant, web master, and the engineer and co-designer of the "With a
New Eye" DVD project. He is an integral part of our family at
Stephen Johnson Photography.



- PhotoPlus Expo
October 31 - November 2, 2002

Steve will be on stage for three sessions during The PhotoPlus Expo
at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City:

Professional Digital Cameras in Studio and On Location
Session 308
Thursday 10/31/02 3:45 to 5:45 pm

Latest Developments in Digital Print Output
Session 402 (panelist)
Friday 11/1/02 9:00 to 12:00

The Filmless Photographer: Tools & Techniques
Session 708
Saturday 11/2/02 - 10:15 to 12:15 pm

You can find more information about the show at:



Please come visit us at our gallery and see our original prints in
person. The subtle detail of the prints and the beautiful texture of
the fine art paper have to be seen to be understood. And while you're
here, browse through our books, cards, posters, and specially priced

We're happy to mail you a copy of our product catalog, just send a
note to michelle@sjphoto.com or call us at the number below.

We're located at:

580 Crespi Drive, Suite A2
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 355-7507

We're open Tuesday through Saturday, 10-3, or by appointment. To
easily find us, use our map online at



We've sent you this newsletter because, at some point, you told us you
were interested in hearing from us.

We're in the process of automating our mailing list. In the meantime,
if you'd like to be unsubscribed, change your email address, or have
some comments about the newsletter, please send a note to

Stephen Johnson Photography
580 Crespi Drive, Suite A2
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(650) 355-7507

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