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Welcome to the September edition of the Stephen Johnson Photography
Newsletter. We've spent so much of the summer out on the road that
we've skipped the July and August newsletters and are jumping straight
to September. This issue includes our newest Featured Print,
information about our workshops (including some examples of great work
by some past participants), and some questions for you about our next
panoramic poster, and software tools you'd like to see.

We hope that you enjoy this issue.

Stephen Johnson
Digital Panoramic Photography
September 4, 2002.
7- 8:30pm

Panoramic photographs have long been of interest in documenting cities
and landscapes. They have the unique ability to give the viewer a
better understanding of an entire scene. With the advent of digital
panoramic photography, whole new vistas have opened up that let
viewers experience the surround of a space interactively.
In 1995 I began to use a hand crafted panoramic adapter for my
Better Light scanning camera. It opened up a new dimension for me,
panoramics with such resolution and clarity that they became the most
encompassing photographic experience I have ever encountered. I coined
the term "immersive" to describe the effect of the big surround
prints. This talk explores the evolution of my digital panoramic work.


Admission: $5.
Admission price can be applied to any purchase during the evening.
RSVP is required as seating is limited to 20 guests.
Call (650) 355-7507 or email michelle@sjphoto.com


The Seybold San Francisco show at the Moscone Convention Center
(September 10-12) will feature a gallery by Stephen Johnson Photography.
Featured prints will be digital panoramics and other new work

There will be daily drawings for books and posters. Please come by and see us at booth 730

August 200

"Denali" is a black and white photograph from my trip to Alaska in
1988. The evening this photograph was made, we stood enraptured by the
mountain for many hours, until long past midnight, listening to the wind
on the peaks, watching the light slowly glow to a warm sunset then fade
to shades of blue and gray

This is the first offering of a digital print from this negative

You can see the image, and more information about our special print
program at



We'd like to mention some of our upcoming workshops, including two
field photography workshops. Please check out our workshop web page for more
complete information:


- Beginning Digital Photography Workshops (September 17-18 or November 13-14)
This workshop will concentrate on understanding the workings of digital photography and its possibilities as a fine-arts tool.


- Intermediate Digital Photography Workshop (October 23-24)
This workshop will explore photography's evolution into a digitally
based medium. It is designed for people with some experience in
digital imaging (such as our intro class).


- Fine Art Digital Printing Workshop (October 3-4)
This workshop focuses exclusively on fine-art digital printing, primarily using Epson inkjet printers.


- Mono Lake Field Workshop The workshop will be a dynamic combination of a traditional
landscape photography workshop and an exploration of the new
possibilities of the digital age.


- Death Valley Field Workshop (January 15-18, 2003)
The trip is designed to be a complete immersion in landscape
photography and its digital evolution. We will discuss technical and
aesthetic issues, working toward images that are uniquely your own.



Over the years a number of people with great work have passed through
our workshop program. While their efforts have already made some of
these artists famous, others have collections of wonderful photographs
that have yet to be seen. We've decided to use our newsletter to
highlight some of this fine work.

The past six months have brought two substantial collections to our
attention and we'd like to share them with you.

Jesse Bravo was working as a freelance photographer in the Bay area in
1964 when the Beatles first came to San Francisco. He met their plane
and followed them through their press conference and performance at
the Cow Palace. Jesse used 35mm and 2.25 inch black and white film.
The result is a single day's journey worthy of being seen. We are
currently helping him produce a set of scans of this work.

Andrew Stern recently retired as a professor of Journalism at UC
Berkeley. Before then, he worked as a film maker and documentary
photographer. In 1959 he spent some time in the coal mining country of
Harlan County, Kentucky photographing the people and their struggle to
live under marginal conditions. His work is as good as any I've seen
from this period, perhaps the best. We are exploring how we can help
get the work scanned and seen.

Please visit
to see a sample of this work.


- Seybold San Francisco 2002.

Outstanding Color Quality
Sept. 10, 2002

This panel discussion, moderated by Bruce Fraser, and including
Stephen, will look into what it takes to go the extra mile to
achieve the best possible color.


- PhotoPlus Expo New York

Stephen will be presenting several workshops at this year's PhotoPlus
Expo in New York City, including:

You can find more information about the PhotoPlus Expo at:

- Ansel Adams Exhibit At The Oakland Museum
June 29 - September 22, 2002.

Stephen's work is part of the ongoing exhibit "Ansel Adams:
Inspiration and Influence" at the Oakland Museum, 1000 Oak Street,
Oakland 510-238-3005.


- Stephen's Work On Display

If you can't make it to Pacifica to see Stephen's work in his gallery, it's
on display elsewhere as well. We'd like to recommend:

Focus Gallery Ltd.
43 Museum Street
London WC1A 1LY
telephone: 020 7242 7191


For other locations, see:


An Ansel Adams Symposium Retrospective

Stephen was privileged to be a participant in the "Ansel Adams: Edges
and Intersections in Yosemite" symposium in late June. In this
section he shares his experiences at the event.

"For the first time since the days of Friends of Photography in
Carmel, I felt like I was among a family fully immersed in the love
of landscape photography. It was a great feeling.

Most of Ansel's former assistants were there, John Sexton, Ted
Orland, Chris Rainier, Alan Ross, most of whom I knew. It felt good
to chat and share common ground. My good friend and photographer Al
Weber (also a noted AA workshop Instructor) came up for a day. It was
a good reunion for many. Jerry Uelsmann was in his usual great humor
and I very much enjoyed spending some more time with Olivia Parker.

The presentations mostly centered around the details of Ansel's life
and work, the assistants stories were great and had the room roaring
more than once. It was the first time I had met Ron Partridge
(Imogen Cunningham's son and Ansel's assistant during the 30's). He
was an irreverent delight. I thoroughly enjoyed Ron and his daughters,

even getting a preview of Ron's book which is coming
out in the fall.

It seemed to end too soon, but brains were full and the re-formed
family dispersed again. Looking back, it seemed clear that in
addition to what Ansel Adams had meant to many of us individually,
he had also become a gathering point for like-minded people sharing
their unique love of photography. Friends of Photography broadened
that impact, but soon after Ansel died and they moved to San
Francisco they seemed to loose their way. Now that Friends is also
gone, it would be nice if some other ongoing framework could be
created so those of us with f64 inclinations could regularly commune again."



I've always understood that the Digital National Parks Project would
require an interactive display, much like what I did with The Great
Central Valley Project in 1986. As I was working in the field making
the photographs, an vision of what I needed to accomplish formed in my
mind and I realized that an interactive DVD would be the perfect
vehicle. In 2001, my assistant Dave Gardner and I began building
prototypes of the DVD and the current version does an excellent job of
realizing my goals. The following outline gives you an idea of the
breadth of subjects we are covering.

Here we thank the people who helped us out.

Main Menu
This section includes the Project Overview, an Artist's Statement,
a Timeline, info about Making History, and a Gallery of Project Firsts.

The Technology
This section documents the scanning camera, describes Stephen's
field and studio equipment, and the software that he uses.

50 Park galleries
The main portfolio section of the disk with photographs & maps.

This section includes press coverage, publications, and
video coverage.

About Stephen Johnson
Thoughts on digital imaging, a biography, and a bibliography

Project Documentation
field work
documentary photographs
documentary video


We have a great opportunity to use one of our panoramic images to help
test out a new press. We're trying to decide which image we should use,
and would like to hear your thoughts.

You can see the candidates at:

Please email us your thoughts at lists@sjphoto.com.


- What imaging software tools would you like to see created?
Various software companies frequently ask us for input on what
imaging tools we'd like to see. We'd like to include your input
into the process, so please email us your ideas


- The New Epson printers.
The 2200 is looking quite good, it gives fairly good color prints
and reasonable black and whites right out of the box. My friend
Bill Atkinson is completing profiles for the 9600/7600 on Epson
papers that will be posted to Epson's website for free download.


Please come visit us at our gallery and see our original prints in
person. The subtle detail of the prints and the beautiful texture of
the fine art paper have to be seen to be understood. And while you're
here, browse through our books, cards, posters, and specially priced

We're happy to mail you a copy of our product catalog, just send a
note to michelle@sjphoto.com or call us at the number below.

We're located at:
580 Crespi Drive, Suite A2
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 355-7507

We're open Tuesday through Saturday, 10-3, or by appointment. To
easily find us, use our map online at


We've sent you this newsletter because, at some point, you told us you
were interested in hearing from us.

We're in the process of automating our mailing list. In the meantime,
if you'd like to be unsubscribed, change your email address, or have
some comments about the newsletter, please send a note to

Stephen Johnson Photography
580 Crespi Drive, Suite A2
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 355-7507


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