New York Skyline World Trade Center Print

A special print…

to aid the families of those lost in the September 11 attack of the World Trade Center Towers.

Since the attacks on New York, we have received many inquiries on selling prints of this photograph. After considerable thought, we decided that if funds can be raised to help victims, then some concrete good can come out of the making print available. We have also been convinced that the high resolution and stunning reality of the photograph can play a role in the very important process of never forgetting the terrible loss our nation suffered on September 11.

In an effort to contribute to the relief effort, we at Stephen Johnson Photography offered for sale a special panoramic photograph of the New York Skyline. From 2001-2005 we donated 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these prints to charities helping the victim's families.

Full panoramic print at 160 inches
QuickTime VR file of the photo
Video of the photo being made

This panoramic image by noted photographer Stephen Johnson is unique due to the incredibly high resolution made possible by his use of a specially modified Better Light Digital Camera back on a rotating platform by BetterLight. It is probable that this is one of the highest resolution images ever made of the World Trade Center Towers and the surrounding skyline. Stephen has been a leader in experimental use of breakthrough digital technologies for more than a decade and is generally acknowledged as one of the world's premier expert's in the field.

One has to see this print in person to appreciate the profound shift that has occurred in photography - high-end digital images greatly surpass any silver based photographic technology. Only digital imaging can capture the detail, exposure latitude and tonal depth made possible by advances in the technology for digital image capture and output. There simply is no traditional photography based equivalent. Stephen is a leader in spreading the word about the digital revolution in photography.

Stephen made this image from Liberty Island State Park in New Jersey on a visit to New York in October 1998 and is now printing it for the first time. The standard print we are preparing measures 40x12 inches and was offered at the special price of $500.00 (for matt add $100, silver frame additional $150). The 40 inch print now sells for its regualr price of $1200. Cropped views and larger prints are also available.

A full resolution version of this photograph is 472 megabytes. Fine art prints are available in custom sizes, up to very large room-sized photographs.

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