Stephen Johnson Photographic Projects

(each subject has more detailed description and a sampling of photographs)

Life Form

The Life Form Series has grown from my lifelong fascination with organic form and design. Not only have I found solace in the natural world for all of my adult life, but my respect for all living things has profoundly effected how I’ve lived my life.

Exquisite Earth

This exhibition is the first look at work drawn exclusively from my work during the period 2005 to 2010. The grouping is called Exquisite Earth and is meant to convey my deep appreciation for this extraordinary planet we call home.

With a New Eye: The Digital National Parks Project

"With a New Eye" is a digital photographic survey of selected American National Parks from 1994 through 2006. The project employs a modified Dicomed digital insert, a Sinar-X 4x5 camera, and the Macintosh PowerBook540c through G4 for completely portable digital photography of very high quality. The camera is capable of color, black and white, and infrared photographs of extremely high resolution and dynamic range (6000x8000 pixels, 140MB files with more than 11 stops of exposure latitude).

Digital Panoramics:

High resolution digital panoramic photographs made with a specially modified Dicomed Digital Scanning Back and the BetterLight Scanning Back.

First Digital Panoramics
Digital Panoramics Home

 At Mono Lake:

A touring exhibit and book with work by 48 photographers spanning 110 years of photography of eastern Califorina's Mono Lake. Curated with Al Weber and Don Worth.

The Great Central Valley:

An exhibit and book using landscape photography to examine this dramatically human-altered agricultural heartland of California. Editor and Designer of book published by University of California Press in 1993.

Rock and Roll:

A series of photographs from the 1970's and now restarted digitally in 2005.

Western Artifacts:

An exploration of constructed icons on the western landscape that symbolize our attitudes toward land use and the culture of the west.

Color Pastel Abstracts:

An extensive body of work recorded for their pastel color and abstract design qualities.

Digital Composites:

Experimentations with the new possibilities of computer composited images.

Glass Plate Project Frank Day Robinson Restorations:

The digital scanning, restoration and archiving of 600 glass-plate negatives circa 1915-1925 from the Merced County region of Central California.


A portfolio of portrait photography.

The Photographic Archive (under construction)

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