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Over the years a number of people with great work have passed through our workshop program. While their efforts have already made some of these artists famous, others have collections of wonderful photographs that have yet to be seen. We've decided to use our website to highlight some of this fine work.

This past few years have brought substantial bodies of work to our attention and we'd like to share them with you.

David Gardner was a student of mine at Skyline College, worked for me as an assistant and has taken many workshops. His craft has steadily grown and his vision has served him well. He sees with a special sensitivity and has dedicated all of his professional activity to his photographic art. His work is well worth checking out.
Balanced Rock. 2008

Jesse Bravo was working as a freelance photographer in the Bay area in 1964 when the Beatles first came to San Francisco. He met their plane and followed them through their press conference and performance at the Cow Palace. Jesse used 35mm and 2.25 inch black and white film. The result is a single day's journey worthy of being seen.We are currently helping him produce a set of good scans of this work.

Beatles San Francisco 1964

Andrew Stern recently retired as a professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley. Before then, he worked as a film maker and documentary photographer. In 1959 he spent some time in the coal mining country of Harlan County, Kentucky photographing the people and their struggle to live under marginal conditions. His work is as good as any I've seen from this period, perhaps the best. We are exploring how we can help get the work scanned and seen.
Harlan County Kentucky 1959

Paul Tornaquindici started taking workshops from me a few years ago. He is a sensitive and giving man. Most of his time is spent as a businessman and family man, but he is a devoted photographer with a unique skill that stems directly from who he is as a person. His work is well worth checking out.
Iceland 2009

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