Stephen Johnson Tutorial: A Compositional Checklist


A Compositional Checklist
Not a new set of rules, but my own thought process

  • My first impulse on pulling the camera to eye is to figure out if what made me pick up the camera is being seen.
  • I am then looking to see what kind of design and movement of line is possible within the scene that grabbed my attention.
  • I try to always be asking myself if the subject is about light, or does it depend on some narrative of words. Unless the subject is light, I know it will likely be a weak photograph.
  • Is the image simple? Can it be distilled down further? Is there anything within the frame that doesn't belong?
  • I try to ask myself if my position or perspective could alter or strengthen the view


Fields of Grapes and Olives, Southern Tuscany. 2010. Canon 1Ds Mark III


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